Month: July 2013

Why conservatives need a (partially) viable Democratic Party in Alabama

Liberals seeking a future in Alabama politics don’t have many options nowadays, but that’s not all good news for conservatives. If the state’s Republican Party is the only game in town, it’s bound to attract all sorts of players – including liberals. Liberals seeking elected office here are at a…

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Why an inconvenient skepticism of global warming survives in Alabama

Global warming skeptics are often met with baffled looks similar to Al Roker's expression when he learned on the Today Show that a third of Americans believe it's a hoax. "Wow," he said, shaking his head in disbelief. Less jovial climate change activists try to silence the opposition altogether, as…

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Pastors should declare independence from government marriage (Opinion from Pepper Bryars)

Last week's Supreme Court rulings in favor of gay marriage brought a conflict of conviction to the hearts of many conservatives. Most of us are instinctively sympathetic to causes involving liberty; we like it when government gets out of people's lives. But we're also mindful of traditions, and most conservatives…

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