Month: March 2015

Charter schools will bring options to Alabama families

Conservatives have long believed that any meaningful reform of public education must include charter schools, which are publicly-funded yet free from most burdensome regulations. These institutions are magnets for creative teachers and hubs of innovation, yet earlier this month a state senator from Birmingham warned that a current proposal to…

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Who do I think I am? Like you, a little bit of everything: opinion

After publishing dozens of controversial opinions on these pages I often receive emails from readers asking the same question: "Just who do you think you are, anyway?" It's rhetorical, of course, but still a fair question. Perhaps I should try to answer. First, I'm mostly who I've chosen to be:…

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Alabama’s State Legislature could use a few more Marines

Marines are a special breed. Their famous motto, "Semper Fidelis," which is Latin for "always faithful," represents how these warriors remain faithful to their mission, to their fellow Marines, to the Corps and the country -- regardless of the consequences. It's an indelible principle that continues to guide them long…

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