Month: June 2015

It’s time we hold our highest courts accountable for judicial activism

There's an old saying about the Supreme Court: it isn't final because it's supreme; it's supreme because it's final. That sounds clever, but let's review some of the court's more memorable decisions from the modern era to see how "final" they actually were, at least in terms of ending the…

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No way, padre. Pope’s encyclical on the environment is flawed

There's plenty of truth in the pope's new encyclical on the environment, titled Laudato Si' ("Be praised"). Most agree with his teaching that it's terribly wrong for individuals, corporations, and nations to wantonly destroy our environment and carelessly waste our natural resources.But there are some portions of his letter that…

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Who is to blame for the decline of fatherhood in America?

As we approach Fathers Day, the minds of many Americans will drift to fond memories of dear old dad.Some will appreciate the hard lessons their fathers taught because life has proven his loving firmness was needed, while others will forgive his faults because life has also shown that he was…

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