Month: November 2015

Carson and Trump don’t understand American conservatism

The campaigns of Ben Carson and Donald Trump once looked unrealistic, but they kept rising in the polls.Many political pundits said they’d eventually fade and drop out, but they kept rising in the polls.And then other candidates, the establishment in both parties, and the media viciously attacked them. Yet they…

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Alabama’s colleges, universities must defend free speech

The uneducated comments coming from higher education these days are startling. Over at the University of Missouri, a student body representative recently said she's "tired of hearing that First Amendment rights protect students" who engage in speech she deems hostile. Up at Amherst College in Massachusetts, students are demanding the…

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Pope’s recent failure strengthens my Catholic faith

Alabama can be an interesting place to be Catholic.On the one hand, it’s challenging to live within an overwhelmingly evangelical community that generally believes our faith isn’t authentic Christianity. “If he’s a Christian, it’s despite being Catholic,” is how I’ve heard it said. On the other, we have great opportunities…

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