Month: May 2016

Dropping the atomic bomb was merciful, not merciless

Many feared that President Barrack Obama’s recent speech in Hiroshima would descend into just another stop on his worldwide “Apology Tour” of imagined grievances and revised histories. Thankfully, our president stopped short of saying he was sorry for his predecessor’s decision to drop the atomic bombs on Japan and thus…

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Trumpism will come to pass but conservatism will endure

Conservatives contend that the Republican Party hasn’t nominated a presidential candidate from our movement’s ranks since 1984, and before that, not since 1964. “What’s past is prologue,” the Bard wrote; the party isn’t nominating one of us this year, either. Whatever can be said of Donald Trump, he hasn’t demonstrated…

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A Target for Lawsuits

The small City of Oxford should be commended for having enough courage to stand against the dangerous notion that would have little girls undressing in small, closed-off rooms while potentially in the company of very sick men. Hyperbole? Hardly. That’s the type of unintended environment that our Social Justice Warriors…

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