Month: December 2016

Calling the balls and strikes on Trump’s appointments (Part Two)

Republicans have been loudly cheering President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet picks, and there has certainly been much to cheer about: we have several solid conservatives, some true warriors, and a couple of promising regulation-busters. But before we get carried away by the prospect of having our government run by people other…

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Calling the balls and strikes on Trump’s appointments (Part One)

One of the conservative movement’s primary concerns about President-elect Donald Trump is that he doesn’t seem to be guided by a clear, definable political philosophy. Some of the things he says are truly conservative, while others seem aligned with big government liberalism. “At this point, who cares?” he once remarked…

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Has Samford University become a ‘safe space’ for communists?

"Communism" isn't usually associated with Samford University. In fact, the data-crunching company Niche recently ranked it as the 18th most conservative college in America, and number one in our state. So you can imagine my surprise after seeing several headlines accusing Samford of going red. "Samford University becomes a safe…

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