Month: September 2017

Three Lessons Republicans Must Learn From That Messy Alabama Primary

Some say Judge Roy Moore’s victory over Senator Luther Strange last Tuesday was a loss for the president: “Alabama defeat leaves Trump weakened, isolated amid mounting challenges,” read a headline in the Washington Post. Others say it was a defeat for the Senate majority leader: “Judge Roy Moore wins Alabama…

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The day they said my child had a chromosomal abnormality

My last post about how it’s monstrous to abort unborn babies because they have Down syndrome elicited some equally monstrous yet sadly predictable responses from the far left. “They’re too much of a burden,” sums them up. That only strengthens my analogy to Nazi eugenics, I told them, but one…

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The long-awaited “cure” for Down syndrome has finally arrived

It seems that Iceland has discovered a cure for chromosomal abnormalities. Or at least what would have passed for a cure in Nazi Germany. “Iceland is on pace to virtually eliminate Down syndrome through abortion,” tweeted CBS News last month while promoting a story the network was about to air.…

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