A Forgotten Man hits #1 on two Amazon genre lists!

A Forgotten Man,” my debut novel inspired by President Obama’s “Life of Julia” campaign advertisement, surged to the #1 bestseller spots on Amazon’s political fiction and literary fiction genre lists during its three-day free promotion in late February.

Screenshot of my book’s Amazon Genre Rankings
More than 5,400 readers downloaded the book in just 72-hours! Reviews are already coming in, including:
“This work changed me.” 
– M. Domashinski

“There is something quite haunting about this book that makes you search your soul and rethink things within your own life.” 
– S. Grayson

“I finished this book three-days ago and it is still running through my mind.” 
– G. Buccheri

Promotional giveaways can sometimes help an unknown work get discovered, but now that free books are often available most authors can only expect a few hundred new readers during a promotional event, maybe a thousand if it’s in a popular genre like romance or thriller. I calculated that a successful promotion for “A Forgotten Man” would be between 400-500…but 5,400 was well beyond my expectations, and charting #1 on two genre lists was totally unexpected.
So…a big THANK YOU to everyone who made it happen, and a double THANK YOU to those who left reviews. Your interest in my work, and your thoughts about it, mean more to me than you could imagine.