Alabama should refuse to house illegal aliens

So now that the president’s halfhearted attempt at border enforcement and wholehearted welcome of illegal alien minors has created another summertime crisis, federal bureaucrats are considering housing thousands of them at a camp in coastal Alabama.

“I don’t want to be rude … you’re not welcome,” said Baldwin County Commissioner Chris Elliot during a teleconference earlier this week with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the bureaucratic fiefdom that’s assessing whether old military airfields near Silverhill and Orange Beach could be used for the camps.

None of us wishes to be rude about it, but the federal government created this mess and its only solution seems to be to make it easier, more comfortable, and ultimately more successful for people to enter our nation illegally.

Now they want to toss their problem at our doorstep.

If the federal government needs to unload its problem somewhere, perhaps it ought to start with one of those “sanctuary cities” like San Francisco or Seattle. Tell them to put their money – and their communities, their homes, and their families – where their mouths are, instead of forcing the rest of us to deal with their blunders.

“We evaluate where there is space available,” said Andrea Helling, a spokeswoman with HHS. “We have an operational and legal responsibility to take care of these children. We are looking at all of our options to make the best use of taxpayer dollars.”

No, the taxpayers don’t have a responsibility to take care of these children, at least not forever. They’re not ours, and they’re not fleeing the types of political or religious oppression from which Americans have historically offered asylum. They’re coming from countries like Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico that are awash with crime after decades of misrule, mostly by socialists and communists. If that’s the standard for permissive illegal admission into our nation, then Katy, bar the door.

According to the U.S. Border Patrol, the number of illegal alien minors being apprehended coming across our southern border this fiscal year is nearing the number reached during the crisis of 2014.

The whole thing is an unfortunate scam. The families of these minors are sending them north as human grappling hooks, not as real asylum seekers, and once they’re firmly established within our legal system we can expect many more to follow along the rope. When their children are here, the liberal mind thinks, it’d be heartless to deny their parents admission … then their siblings, perhaps a cousin or two. You get the point.

Meanwhile, millions seeking to immigrate legally and those seeking asylum from actual political or religious oppression keep waiting … and waiting … and waiting.

If HHS is seriously trying to make the best use of taxpayer dollars, the most efficient – and effective – thing to do would be to buy the illegal alien minors all one-way tickets back home and put an end to this chaos.

But will they? Of course not. They’ll vilify the residents of Baldwin County as uninformed rubes or inhospitable bigots rather than citizens who only wish that their federal government would obey federal law.

Their frustration is a symptom of a larger issue and these camps are only one of our many complaints. Most of us are resentful at being placed in the position of having to tell thousands of children to go back home, when it should be our government’s responsibility to ensure orderly immigration to begin with. Having compassion is one thing, but ignoring our borders is another. We have them for good reasons, and we erase them at our own peril.

Still, families near these properties are within reason to be fearful, or at least skeptical.

Officials with HHS claim the camps would only be used to temporarily house illegal aliens for a few weeks, just until they could be placed with longer-term solutions like extended families or other resettlement groups. They also said medical and mental health care, educational, recreational, and religious services will be housed within the facilities and the residents wouldn’t be allowed to wander into the surrounding communities.

Problem is, this administration doesn’t have much of a track record when it comes to border enforcement.

We simply don’t trust them anymore.