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American Warfighter: Brotherhood, Survival, and Uncommon Valor in Iraq, 2003-2011

If you liked American Sniper, you’ll love American Warfighter.

This book is about what went right in the Iraq War: The untold acts of valor by some of America’s most highly decorated combat veterans, the brotherhood they shared, and the fighting spirit that kept them alive through the war’s darkest hours.

Every word is true, composed from striking and detailed firsthand accounts by elite paratroopers from the 82nd and 101st airborne divisions, a Green Beret, an Army Ranger, infantrymen, combat medics, and Marines.

You’ll discover their remarkable heroism as the war’s most significant operations are vividly described, including the invasion, the Battle of Nasiriyah, the taking of Baghdad, the hunt for the infamous Deck of Cards, the fight against al-Sadr’s Mahdi Militia in Najaf, the Second Battle of Fallujah, the Battle of Ramadi, the al-Qaeda insurgency throughout the al-Anbar Province, the surge, and the long withdrawal.

Gripping and intimate, American Warfighter is guaranteed to take readers on an unforgettable journey of brotherhood, survival, and courage.

* Honorable Mention, Nonfiction Category (Writer’s Digest’s 2016 e-Book Awards)

Eye opening … an accurate account … recommended to military leaders to incorporate into their leader development programs.” (Military Review, The Professional Journal of the U.S. Army)

This is reporting at its best; the author’s ability to step back and let people and facts to speak for themselves makes for a fully immersible experience that can result in greater insight and understanding. This is an important and necessary book and an excellent addition to the literature on the second Iraq war.” (Writer’s Digest)

Vivid!” (Military Times’ year-end book guide)

Masterful pace! The author’s research sets the scene, but the remarkable individuals tell the engaging, harrowing, thrilling nuts and bolts of those eight turbulent years. We’ve been taken well into the very wee hours of the morning more than once!”  (The NRA’s America’s 1st Freedom magazine listing of “Four Good Books” for its members to read)

Great analysis and gripping first-hand accounts. American Warfighter will make you proud to be an American! It’s about what went right in Iraq, featuring powerful stories of brotherhood and valor. Definitely worth reading!”  (PETE HEGSETH, FOX News contributor, veterans advocate, and author of In the Arena)

Literally pulse pounding! I guarantee that you won’t put the book down and it’ll have you mesmerized. This should be on the Marine Corps Commandant’s Reading List. It’s an easy read and its subject matter is OOHRAH worthy!”  (SOLOMON SHORTER, editor of the popular military blog, Snafu!)


Book Categories: Iraq War, Military History, and Nonfiction.

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