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A Forgotten Man

In the tradition of the classic The Grapes of Wrath comes the award-winning novel A Forgotten Man, a powerfully imagined story that skillfully illustrates how big government agencies and programs often harm the working-class Americans they were created to protect.

The book follows a family after a small town company is forced to close, costing the father his job and plunging his family into a cycle of debt and dependency. Out of their trials and repeated attempts to recover unfolds a tale of persistence and strength amid injustice, hardship, and failure.

A Forgotten Man is guaranteed to take you on an emotional journey of political discovery where you will become awakened to the conflict between the truly powerful and the truly powerless, between the shrinking individual and the ever-growing state, and between hope for a better future and despair over a lost way of life.

Packed with meaning yet plainspoken, A Forgotten Man finally gives voice to the humble, quiet, and hardworking men and women who built this country but who’ve been left behind … and forgotten.

* Honorable Mention: Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance Book of the Year Award (2014)

“You get involved with the characters, feel for them, and at times cry with them. You get angry for them. Amazing read!” – J. Rushing

“This work changed me.” – M. Domashinski

“I finished this book three-days ago and it is still running through my mind.” – G. Buccher

Book Categories: Literary Fiction and Political Fiction.

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