How this conservative Alabamian voted this morning



I didn’t vote for Roy Moore because I believe at least some of those allegations are credible.

I didn’t vote for Doug Jones, either, because he supports what any just man would call infanticide.

And no, I didn’t waste it on a write-in candidate.

I did what I’ve done in every general election since I was 20-years old – I voted to advance the conservative movement by darkening the circle beside the Alabama Republican Party and voting a straight ticket.

My vote indeed went into Moore’s column, although indirectly, but he’s not what caused me to stand in line this cold morning and vote.

I voted to maintain the GOP’s majority in the U.S. Senate.

I voted to confirm judges and justices who’ll uphold the constitution.

But more than anything else, I voted for life … for the millions of unborn children who the Democratic Party has sacrificed on the altar of electoral expediency, and the millions more who’ll die because of that party’s callous indifference to the most innocent and vulnerable among us.

When I took my ballot and sat down to vote, I wasn’t thinking about the liberal media or Obamacare or tax cuts or foreign policy or immigration … or even Roy Moore.

I was thinking about how this nation treats unborn children, and how Doug Jones supports a law that every month allows thousands of them to be poisoned in their mother’s womb, have their little arms and legs ripped apart, before they are then thrown in the garbage.

That must stop.

That. Must. Stop.

So yes, I have twisted myself into a mental pretzel of rationalization this morning. That’s fair criticism, and I’m not happy about my vote in the slightest. In fact, I’m upset about this whole election, from the primary to the run-off and especially the general.

But even in the midst of this frustration, I’m not going to stand silent while Doug Jones supporters tell me that my vote went to someone who thought it was OK to hit on teenagers when he was in his 30s (awful).

Maybe it did.

But theirs went to a guy who thinks it’s OK to kill unborn babies (reprehensible).

I’ll wrestle with the moral implications of my vote for years.

Will they?

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