Conservatives cannot afford to sit this election out

Conservatives can begin the reconstruction phase of our embattled political movement next Wednesday morning, but right now the “Shining City on a Hill,” as Ronald Reagan once described our nation, is illuminated for all the wrong reasons.

It’s on fire.

The insatiable flames of unchecked government growth are burning straight through the materials that built our shining city and made it the greatest in history – individual liberty, free markets, and traditional values to name only a few. Hillary Clinton’s answer to this five-alarm disaster is to flood its streets with gasoline by increasing the government’s size and cost, expanding its control over the individual and the markets, and eroding or erasing the values that have made our land so different than the rest of the world.

While this catastrophe unfolds before our eyes, conservatives must ask themselves this question next Tuesday: are you going to help her … or are you going to help stop her?

To those of you who cannot stomach voting for Trump, I completely understand your reservation. Many conservatives within the ranks of our movement have been early, frequent, and aggressive critics of Donald Trump, both the man and his ideas (or lack thereof). I’m very proud to have been part of that faction, although I stopped just short of declaring #NeverTrump. I have have repeatedly written that he isn’t a conservative, and that all past and present evidence indicates that he’s an unprincipled reactionary.

Yet he does seem to hold at least a few conservative positions on important policies like securing our southern border. The first official decision any president makes is naming a running mate, and Trump’s choice of Governor Mike Pence was nothing short of outstanding from a conservative perspective. Those within the movement who should know also hailed his list of potential judicial nominees as stellar.

None of that means Trump will govern well, of course. Since he lacks both principles and any discernable political philosophy, one cannot reasonably predict what he’ll actually do once in office. As uncomfortable or angry as that makes some of my fellow Republicans, that’s just the truth.

One day Trump speaks against increasing the federal minimum wage and the next day he’s talking about raising it several dollars an hour. Then there’s all the incoherent rambling, the middle-of-the-night Twitter rants, and, try as I might, I cannot get over all of the liberal policies and Democrat politicians he’s supported in the past.

Most #NeverTrumpers eventually came around to supporting his campaign. Some still don’t like the guy but are holding their nose and voting for him because the alternative is so awful. Some, like me, are voting a straight party ticket as they’ve always done.

Others are holding out, promising to not vote at all, write-in a name, go with one of those third party sideshows, or worse, actually vote in the affirmative for Clinton (a treasonous choice, in my view).

All end up doing the same thing– helping Clinton.

Can a conservative live with that choice?

With Trump, it’s a roll of the dice, at best, if we’re going to see conservatives put into positions of power or have our policies enacted. But we might be proven wrong, at least partially.

With Clinton, it’s a safe bet, a sure thing, a lock even, that she’ll oppose everyone and everything we conservatives stand with and for. She’ll block us at every turn, and double down on the policies that have caused so much damage to our nation.

Unlike most Americans, I completely trust Clinton … to do exactly what she’s promised, and behave precisely to form. There’s no chance we’ll get anything but more government regulation, more crony capitalist kickbacks, a pro-abortion court for a generation, higher taxes, weaker foreign relations, and open borders mixed with a little amnesty.

In other words, the fire will rage on.

Maybe it’s in my blood. My father and uncle were both firefighters for the City of Mobile, so when I see something burning my instinct is to put it out, not stand idly by while it turns to ashes.

If you’re any sort of a conservative, neither should you.

So grab a bucket, join the fire brigade, and let’s save our Shining City on the Hill.