If the left thinks ‘gay married’ Santa Claus is forward thinking, then thank God they call Alabama backward

Santa’s Husband (Harper Collins/Amazon)


Just in time for Christmas, folks.

The holiday story we’ve all been waiting for.

Destined to become a fireside classic that you’ll read to your children and your children’s children.

Santa’s Husband, a children’s book from renowned publisher Harper Collins, tells the story of “a black Santa, his white husband, and their life in the North Pole.”

Maybe this is a weak attempt at satire, but it’s more than likely just the same old culture-changing garbage the leftist media has been shoveling down our throats for decades (and they have even more control over the book publishing industry than they do film, television and newspapers).

The author of the book is Daniel Kibblesmith, a staff writer for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. That show’s writers just spent weeks gleefully making fun of Alabama during our not-so-special special Senate election.

To them, our adherence to thousands of years of Christian tradition and our respect for customs and convention makes us backward. But if this is how those writers define forward thinking, then I’ll happily wear their insults with pride (#AlabamaProud!).

From the book’s ridiculous description on Amazon:

— “Everyone knows that Santa Claus is jolly, but in Santa’s Husband, this cherished symbol of the holiday season is also black and gay, and married to an equally cheery man.”

— “We see the Clauses sitting by the fire at their cozy North Pole home, vacationing at the beach, having an occasional disagreement, celebrating their wedding day, and comforting each other when some loudmouth people on television angrily dispute Santa’s appearance and lifestyle.”

— “In the weeks before Christmas, Santa’s husband helps with all the pre-Christmas work, from double-checking lists, to feeding the reindeer (organic gluten-free grains, of course), to negotiating labor disputes with the restive workshop elves.”

Here’s a clip from CNN where the author and illustrator explain how and why they decided to publish this … book:



But this is what happens when a nation hands over its culture to people who want to change it into something else.

(Editor’s note: Because of nonsense like this, some Christians are migrating away from many observances that have been taken over by mainstream culture — an arena that has become openly hostile to Christian beliefs. Here’s a worthwhile tradition: Instead of celebrating Santa Claus on Christmas morning, celebrate the Feast of Saint Nicolas in early December. Saint Nic, who was an early Christian bishop, is the real-life inspiration for Santa Claus. The night before his feast day, children place old shoes outside of their bedroom doors and parents come along in the night and fill them with treats, gifts, or money. In the morning, they talk about how we should imitate the generosity of Saint Nicolas, and ultimately who he was trying to imitate – Christ Jesus.) 

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