History will condemn our inaction on abortion

As the Allied forces marched across Europe in 1945, our troops were shocked upon discovering the concentration camps. Our boys had seen killing, but nothing like that. The camps were death factories, where millions were slaughtered with assembly-line efficiency. 

Holding pens. Gas chambers. Ovens. And in a particularly ghoulish touch, piles of the remnants the Nazis found useful: shoes, eyeglasses.

When Allied commanders demanded explanations from locals (camp overseers had fled), they either claimed ignorance or said they were only following their government’s laws. 

Generals like George Patton would hear none of it. Obedience to an unjust law, or ignorance of its true effect, is no excuse for inaction. He marched the townspeople through the camps and forced them to witness – to see, to smell – the holocaust that had been happening on a daily basis only a few miles from their homes. 

In a different way, Americans were marched through our own death factories in recent days as we learned about a series of videos released by the pro-life Center for Medical Progress. The recordings exposed how Planned Parenthood sells organs harvested from murdered babies.

“We’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver,” said Deborah Nucatola, a Planned Parenthood abortionist. “So I’m not gonna crush that part, I’m gonna basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact.”

Mary Gattner, another Planned Parenthood official, offered to use a “less crunchy technique” when pulling the dead baby from its mother’s womb. She then joked about the price. “Let me just figure out what others are getting, and if this is in the ballpark, then it’s fine, if it’s still low, then we can bump it up,” she said. “I want a Lamborghini.”

The videos slapped America in its face with the gruesome realities of our abortion-on-demand laws. 

Good. We need it.  

By mentioning concentration camps, am I committing the mortal sin of analogies by saying that the crime of abortion in America is similar to the Jewish holocaust? No, of course I’m not. Abortion is far worse. 

More than six million were killed in the concentration camps while the German people sat idly by, bullied into submission by the Nazis. More than 50 million have been killed in abortion clinics while the American people sit idly by, bullied into submission by five lawyers on the Supreme Court. The holocaust went on for less than a decade before we stamped it out, while abortion has plagued our nation unabated since the 1970s … and there’s no sign of it ending. 

So you tell me: which is worse, and for that matter, who is worse?

In past columns I have often described abortion in its simplest terms. I usually write that, “Unborn children are poisoned, ripped apart, and then thrown in the trash.” That language never fails to anger abortion rights supporters. “Hyperbole,” charged one reader. “Sensationalism,” wrote another. But as uncomfortable as that language sounds, it’s an accurate description of what happens during most abortions. Some procedures are even worse. 

Now we learn that I should insert “their hearts, lungs, and livers are harvested and sold” before writing about how their mutilated bodies are finally thrown in the garbage.   

Horrible. Absolutely horrible.

All eight of Alabama’s Republican members of our Congressional delegation have acted, by either cosponsoring legislation to defund Planned Parenthood or by calling for investigations into its practices. Our delegation’s lone Democrat, U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell? She was endorsed by the largest abortion rights activist group in the nation, so don’t look for any help there. 

We’ve heard a great deal of “being on the right side of history” from the left in recent years. I wonder if they’ll ever apply that test to their defense of America’s abortion mills. 

In any case, we will all stand before the Lord eventually, and will each answer for our role in this great crime. Will we be like the Germans in 1945, claiming ignorance of abortion or complacent obedience to an unjust law? What exactly will we say before the one who created the babies whose murders we passively condone?

It’s time for action, and it’s time we shut these death factories down.  

(First published on Al.com)