J. Pepper Bryars: Roy Moore would lose by 20-points if his Democratic opponent were pro-life (or at least not so pro-abortion)




Doug Jones would likely swamp Roy Moore in next month’s special election if the Democrat didn’t hold such extreme pro-abortion views.

Consider this:

— Nearly 60 percent of adults in Alabama believe that abortion should be illegal in all or most cases, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center. They found that only 37 percent felt the opposite.

— Alabama now has more than 3.3 million registered voters, according to our secretary of state’s office.

Why this matters: Do the math. By adopting such an extreme view on abortion rights (the “legal in all or most cases” belief), Jones traded a potential block of 1.9-million pro-life votes for a measly 1.2-million pro-choice votes.

Democrats are leaving 700,000 voters on the table – voters who are very pro-life.

How pro-life?

Here are just a couple of emails that I’ve received from Yellowhammer readers on the issue:

— “I will NEVER vote for anyone who supports abortion on demand,” wrote Garry Lovette of Muscle Shoals.

— “I can’t find myself voting for Doug Jones with his deplorable view on abortion,” added Dr. Andrew Hodges of Scottsboro.

And here’s my two-cents just to make Yellowhammer’s editorial position crystal clear: I will never, even under pain of death, vote for someone who thinks abortion-on-demand should remain legal.


Sure, some extreme pro-choice voters would likely abandon any pro-life Democrat nominee, but the difference is wide enough – 700,000 voters – that such a candidate could easily gain much more than they’d ever lose.

Democrats … and I know there are many of you who share our pro-life beliefs … should really think about this. Your national party has painted your candidates into a corner on this issue.

And here’s the result of your national party’s stance on abortion: Regardless of how bad our Republican nominee turns out to be, or how much of a “good guy” your Democratic nominee seems to be, there are hundreds of thousands of Alabamians who’ll never vote for a pro-choice candidate for such a consequential office as United States Senator.

If the Democrats win this seat, it’ll be because the Republican Party blew it.

If the Democrats lose this seat, it’ll be because of their party’s lockstep and extreme stance on abortion.

(J. Pepper Bryars is the editor of Yellowhammer News and the author of “American Warfighter.”)