My Newspaper Column

Last summer I was offered the exciting opportunity to write a weekly opinion column for a major newspaper chain that serves more than 900,000 weekly readers of The Birmingham News, The Mobile Press-Register, The Huntsville Times and The Mississippi Press. The column is also posted on, which has more than 4.5 million unique monthly visitors.

I’ve enjoyed writing about topics such as global warming, energy, abortion, health care, education, labor, party politics, and even the right to keep a few chickens in your backyard. 

They’re all posted here, and are accessible through the “Newspaper Column” tab above.
The column is an interesting development in my career because writing conservative-leaning editorials was the reason I studied journalism and began working as a newspaper reporter in the first place. But I got a little sidetracked. I left the newspaper business after a couple of years on the general assignment beat and started working as a political aide in D.C. Fifteen-years later, after working in the political and government sectors here and internationally, I found myself mostly handling communication strategy and managing personnel – not much of a writer’s dream.
I eventually made a few changes, returned to Alabama and started writing full-time again. I was thrilled when the newspaper chain unexpectedly offered me the opportunity to become a weekly columnist. They thought my conservative-leaning views would be an interesting addition to their opinion pages, which host several very talented and award-winning writers.
I mainly write conservative-leaning views about issues facing Alabama, or national issues as seen from the state’s perspective. I know Alabama and the Gulf Coast very well sinceI was born and raised here, and am from a family that’s been in Alabama since before statehood. I went to college here, served in the state’s National Guard, and worked for a former congressman and governor. I’ve also lived in all four of its largest cities – Birmingham, Mobile, Montgomery and Huntsville – and spent plenty of time in its smaller communities when I was a reporter and political campaign aide. From its white-sand beaches that I played upon as a child, to its forested mountains that I hike as an adult, I love every square-mile of this place.
I’ll continue writing the weekly column as long as the newspaper chain lets me. I enjoy adding what I hope are thoughtful opinions and helpful insight into the issues we face. You may not agree with everything I write – maybe nothing at all. But in the end, I think it’s more important for us all to discuss the issues even if we don’t agree. We need more debate, not less, if we want to live peacefully in a nation with so many diverse traditions, lifestyles and personal preferences.
If you want to recommend something for me to write about, please use the “Contact” tab above and send me a note. I’d love to hear it. Meanwhile, I hope you’ll enjoy reading my column as much as I enjoy writing it.