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Alabama’s Martha Roby: It’s still ‘very emotional’ recalling horrific Planned Parenthood videos that sparked passionate floor speech

It’s been nearly three years since Alabama Republican Congresswoman Martha Roby was the first member to give an impassioned one-minute speech on the House floor decrying Planned Parenthood after alarming undercover videos surfaced about the abortion provider’s sale of fetal body parts.

Roby, who will next month face former Democrat Congressman Bobby Bright in a GOP primary runoff for Alabama’s 2nd congressional district, appeared on Alabama-based EWTN last week and recalled what it was like to see the Center for Medical Progress videos and speak out about them.

“Even to hear [a replay of the speech] now is very emotional,” Roby said, with tears coming to her eyes. “I remember I was sitting in an appropriations markup, committee mark, that morning, and was scrolling through Twitter on my phone and came across the article and just couldn’t believe what I was reading, and I immediately texted the link to my staff and said, ‘Is this real? Is this really happening?’ So as soon as the committee mark was over, I immediately went to the floor to give that one-minute speech … and one minute was not nearly enough. I distinctly remember there were other members waiting in line to give their one-minutes and they too were filled with emotion at hearing this for the first time.”

WATCH Roby’s July 2015 speech:
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Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox says he’s pro-life, but his language is chock-full of pro-choice phraseology

Earlier this month the Democrat Party’s nominee for governor, Walt Maddox, responded to a questionnaire about his views on many issues facing Alabamians, but his answers about abortion proved to be the most revealing, although probably unintentionally.

The Tuscaloosa mayor began by writing that he was “personally opposed to abortion,” a slippery term if there ever was one, before proceeding to use similar phrases that we normally hear from the pro-choice crowd.

It’s as if Maddox was sampling lines from an abortion apologist’s Greatest Hits album.

Why this matters: Alabama already has one pro-choice politician in high office with Sen. Doug “20 Weeks” Jones, who infamously voted against banning aborting unborn children when they’re 20-weeks old and capable of feeling pain. We cannot afford to have another one.Continue reading →

Sorry AL.com, there’s no ‘burning’ progressive movement in Alabama just because we rejected Roy Moore

It’s now been a week since the election of Doug Jones prompted Al.com’s editorial board to breathlessly declare that the “voice of justice” had spoken for a “burning movement” of “black voters, LGBT activists, women and young voters” who represent the future of our state. Their words crackled with confidence…

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Who really embarrasses Alabama: Roy Moore’s surrogate or smooth talking Doug Jones?

[caption id="attachment_54107" align="aligncenter" width="800"] (Screenshot/YouTube)[/caption]   By now many Alabamians have watched the campaign clip that had the rest of the country laughing at us for days: former Shelby County commissioner Ted Crockett’s interview last week with CNN’s Jake Tapper. Speaking on Moore’s behalf, Crockett said the judge “probably” believes…

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J. Pepper Bryars: Have pro-life Democrat candidates become an endangered species in Alabama?

[caption id="attachment_20691" align="aligncenter" width="840"] (Christine Szeto/Flickr)[/caption] Pro-life candidates in the Alabama Democratic Party have long been on the political equivalent of the threatened species list. Abortion rights extremists have hunted them mercilessly, their numbers have dropped precipitously, and their once vast territory has shrunk to a few measly electoral acres…

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J. Pepper Bryars: Roy Moore would lose by 20-points if his Democratic opponent were pro-life (or at least not so pro-abortion)

[caption id="attachment_49761" align="aligncenter" width="800"] (MSNBC/YouTube)[/caption]     Doug Jones would likely swamp Roy Moore in next month’s special election if the Democrat didn’t hold such extreme pro-abortion views. Consider this: -- Nearly 60 percent of adults in Alabama believe that abortion should be illegal in all or most cases, according…

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Alabama’s Democrat nominee for the U.S. Senate would be a certain “No” vote for pro-life Supreme Court justices

[caption id="attachment_49761" align="aligncenter" width="800"] (MSNBC/YouTube)[/caption]   Alabama’s special election for U.S. Senate next month is about one thing: the Supreme Court. Regardless of either candidate’s campaign promises, the arcane rules of senate seniority mean that the winner will be a powerless backbencher for at least the next couple of years,…

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Democrat senate candidate’s abortion views are abhorrent to most Alabamans

[caption id="attachment_49123" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Photo from DougJonesForSenate.com[/caption]   Doug Jones, the Democrat nominee to replace Senator Jeff Sessions, appeared on MSNBC recently and was asked whether he’d support banning abortion after 20-weeks, the time at which an unborn child is known to feel the pain of the brutal procedure. “You…

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Pro-life lawmakers are a heartbeat away from ending abortion in Alabama (Opinion by J. Pepper Bryars)

Abortion rights supporters are worried that Alabama could soon tie North Dakota for having the toughest abortion restrictions in the nation thanks to a group of bills moving through the state legislature. “Alabama GOP advances multiple extremist anti-abortion bills,” read a headline in the far-left Daily Kos blog, and another…

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