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Hillary Clinton’s ‘dream’ is a dystopian nightmare

Your local public library's fiction shelves are likely stocked with many dystopian novels whose settings include a massive North American super-state comprised of the remnants of what use to be the United States, Canada, Mexico, and other nations. Authors frequently use this common setting as a character of sorts, something…

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Win or lose, Trump must not be linked to conservatism

During the modern conservative movement's delicate beginnings – when a tactical blunder could have had massive strategic implications – writer William F. Buckley drummed the heresies of Objectivism and Bircherism from our movement's ranks. Disciples of Ayn Rand and Robert Welch were effectively banished to the margins and Americans began…

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Conservatives should avoid media-only moderated debates

It's just like Lucy with the football. Every election conservative candidates cannot resist rushing into debates solely moderated by the mainstream media, only to have the football yanked away at the last moment, sending them hurling into the air like Charlie Brown and tumbling onto their thick, block heads. Not…

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