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Alabama AG Marshall on immigration controversy: ‘Misguided’ to blame Trump or Sessions

Update: Trump signed an executive order Wednesday afternoon to stop the separation of parents and children when they are detained for illegal entrance into the country.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is facing increased pressure amid public outcry to change a border practice that separates children from their parents when illegally entering the United States.

However, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall said Wednesday morning that leadership shouldn’t decide how to enforce immigration laws based on shifting public opinion or media coverage.
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Bizarro World: NYT reminds us that Alabama’s Jeff Sessions is a consistent conservative

The president has repeatedly insulted Alabama’s Jeff Sessions, calling him “weak” “disgraceful” and an “idiot” along with mockingly nicknaming him Mr. Magoo.

To add injury to insults, many fair-weather conservatives have echoed these jeers or said nothing, failing to defend a man who has faithfully defended us and our values for decades.

Oh well, at least the Gray Lady took a moment today to remind us that Sessions remains faithful to our movement and his word:

Key excerpts from the New York Times:
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Conservatives must not throw morality into the garbage while defending the president

One glaring distinction between conservatism and liberalism is that conservatives believe there is usually a clear right and wrong on most social questions, or at the very least a more virtuous way to behave.

One glaring similarity between Republicans and Democrats, it seems, is that it all depends upon who’s in power.

Democrats who defended the credibly alleged infidelities of President Bill Clinton are now trashing President Donald Trump.

Republicans who are now defending the credibly alleged infidelities of Trump once said Clinton’s serial adultery deemed him unworthy of the Oval Office.

And each side twists themselves into rhetorical pretzels trying to justify their apparent hypocrisy.

It’s saddening to watch. That’s why during times like these conservatives should remember why we’re in this fight — to advocate for ideas, not for individuals.

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