The Present Crisis Podcast

I’m still a far away from the launch of the inaugural episode of my weekly podcast, “The Present Crisis,” but I wanted to go ahead and drop a few lines explaining what the show will be about.

The title comes from a famous line in President Reagan’s inaugural speech in January of 1981. In those few words, the Great Communicator summarized both the disease and the cure: “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.”

The podcast will begin in a few weeks. Meanwhile, check out the intro that I recently produced. It begins with an old War War II air raid siren effect and then incorporates the aforementioned line from President Reagan.

While his remarks focused on the crisis our nation faced in the early days of the 1980s, I’ve always believed his thoughts were timeless and summarized both the challenge facing our nation and the philosophy – limited government – that will save it. So, in a sense, the “present crisis” is an enduring one … hence the name of the show.

The weekly episodes will focus on the arenas of politics, culture, and faith, and I will analyze and comment upon the issues through my unique perspective as a former political aide and journalist. I plan to discuss and expand upon what I wrote in my weekly newspaper column, run through the major stories that made recent headlines, and also discuss any news that may have been ignored by the mainstream media … plus anything else I feel like talking about (football, books, film, church issues, the challenges of raising kids these days, etc.).

It’ll be a simple conversation, honest yet joyful, and a great deal of fun … at least for me!

Until we go live, remember … tomorrow will always be morning in America!