VIDEO: Oh my … watch what happens when a CNN reporter tries to shoot a gun

CNN reporter acts like a fool on the range, Feb. 2018 (CNN/Twitter)

(Warning: This is NOT how to hold, aim, shoot or even be anywhere near a firearm.)

Earlier this week CNN aired a segment from Gary Tuchman where the intrepid reporter tried to demonstrate the awesome power of an AR-15 “assault rifle,” which is sort of like a civilian version of the Army’s old M-16.

Problem is, as I learned when Uncle Sam placed an M-16 into my hands when I was 18-years told, they ain’t very powerful. In fact, my 10-year old son’s .410 rabbit-hunting shotgun probably has more of a kick.

But don’t tell that to this reporter, who is just about doing everything, and I mean everything, wrong on the range.

Click the image to watch the ridiculousness:

This is what happens when all you know about firearms is from … the movies. 

Rock on, Reporter McRambo. 

(J. Pepper Bryars is the editor of Yellowhammer News and the author of “American Warfighter.”)