What can we do about abortion? First, Pray.

In the wake of videos showing abortionists haggling over prices for lungs, livers, and hearts harvested from unborn babies they’ve killed, many pro-life Americans are asking themselves: “Is there anything we can ever do to end this horror?”
It’s a good question, because our goal appears daunting in light of a horrifying truth: America is a nation that values abortion.
Don’t think so? Consider these facts:
Nearly one in every three Americans (29-percent) believes abortion should be legal in any circumstance, and two in four (51-percent) believe it should be legal in at least some circumstances, according to Gallup. That combines to 80-percent who think abortion should remain legal in some form.
Gallup’s annual survey also showed the number of pro-choice Americans has risen from 41-percent in 2013 to 50-percent today, while those identifying as pro-life has dropped from 51-percent in 2009 to 44-percent this year.
Those seemingly contradictory numbers – 80-percent support abortion while only 50-percent are pro-choice – indicates that there are many who believe unborn babies are indeed alive, but don’t necessarily believe all of them have a rightto life.
Meanwhile, according to data assembled from the pro-choice Guttmacher Institute and others, the site numberofabortions.com estimates that more than 644,000 abortions have already happened this year in America, with nearly 31,000 of them occurring after 16-weeks in the womb. On the evening that I typed this column, the day had already seen more than 2,600 abortions.
Adding to those sobering statistics is the fact that the Democrat Party, which Gallup says speaks for about 47-percent of our fellow Americans, is fully committed to defending abortion at any stage of an unborn baby’s development and even demands that taxpayers fund abortion clinics.
So, with that much support for abortion, and that many instances of it occurring, what can prolife Americans do?
During the next couple of weeks I’ll offer a few suggestions, ranging from the very personal to the very public, and I’ll begin today with the most important: first, we must pray.
The problem of abortion in America is too large, and we are too small … if we go-it alone. We must realize that abortion isn’t only evil; it comes from evil. Pretending that this is only a human problem that can be solved through human initiative will forever hinder our efforts. Make no mistake, evil motivates and animates this scourge, and unless we begin all of our efforts by asking God for his help in battling the enemy, we will surely fail. 
We must remember to pray for ourselves, asking to remain vigilant and forever aware that, as we go about our lives, unborn babies are being killed in our communities with the consent of our elected government. We must ask for caring hearts lest ours grow cold and callous amid such awareness, and we must grow in faith, knowing that good will ultimately prevail, even if only in another age. Fatigue, apathy, and hopelessness are some of our enemy’s finest weapons, yet frequent prayer can become an impervious shield.
We must pray for those who support abortion, or who have had abortions, for they are surely victims of this great crime, as well. If you’ve ever spoken with a pro-choice advocate, you probably walked away frustrated. Yet their hearts can indeed be changed, no matter how intractable they may initially seem. For example, Norma McCorvey (a.k.a. Jane Roe), the anonymous plaintiff in Roe v. Wade, eventually became a passionate defender of the unborn and regularly speaks against the ruling that bears her then-fictitious name. 
We must even pray for the abortionists. As evil as their actions are, even they aren’t beyond reach and none are beyond God’s love. Dr. Bernard Nathanson co-founded one of the largest pro-choice advocacy groups in the nation and said he was responsible for 75,000 abortions. Yet he became a prominent pro-life activist and eventually produced a documentary titled “The Silent Scream,” which changes many minds.

The challenge for our pro-life community may seem insurmountable, but history is replete with David vs. Goliath examples of when the very small – through prayer – overcame the very large. This is no different, and with prayer forming a solid foundation, we can eventually end abortion in America.

(First published on AL.com)