What can we do about abortion? Raise pro-life children.

As our nation’s abortionists brace for the next video exposing the Nazi-like horror that is Planned Parenthood, the prolife community anxiously awaits confirmation that the revelations are having a major impact on our nation’s collective conscience.
“How could they not?” we ask ourselves. The videos show people sifting through mutilated limbs and organs of unborn babies, and then haggling over their quality and price as the slave traders did in centuries past.
Sadly, however, no major change in our collective conscience is coming anytime soon.
“The ‘sting’ video that surfaced last month of a Planned Parenthood official discussing the use of aborted fetal organs for medical research seems to have had relatively little impact either on views of abortion or of Planned Parenthood in general,” according to a YouGov survey taken after the videos were released. “Half the public retains positive impressions of the organization, though negative views have risen,” from 30 to 36 percent.
Only a six percent shift? How can Americans become aware of what’s happening inside Planned Parenthood’s killing rooms without their opinions significantly changing?
The answer partly lies in the values that were instilled in pro-choice supporters during their formative years. Maybe they were taught that an unborn child is just a lifeless clump of cells, as is often claimed, or that a baby isn’t really alive until it’s born. Maybe they were raised to think abortion was a form of birth control, and that unwed mothers shouldn’t be “punished with a baby,” as President Barrack Obama once infamously said. Perhaps their parents disparaged pro-life Americans, too, saying that we’re all religious extremists whose opposition is based upon superstition and sexism rather than any sort of medical science.  
You see, they’re pro-choice because they believe it’s the only rational, scientific, and compassionate position to have on the matter.
More than likely, though, Americans who were unmoved by the videos were probably just raised in households that didn’t care about the issue, or where mentioning something like abortion was taboo. Their understanding of abortion wasn’t shaped in their formative years, as was their understanding of academics, athletics, and even religion. They came to the issue like wet clay, and were shaped and hardened into pro-choice supporters by the hands of the abortion industry and its accomplices on the left. When they see the videos – if they see the videos – many will remain incapable of being convinced away from a perspective that has, somehow, become part of their identity.
Many parents are familiar with the famous verse from Proverbs: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”
So then, what can we do about abortion? We can follow the Bible’s advice and raise pro-life children, and here are six quick tips that may help.
First, break the taboo and allow the issue to be openly discussed in your home. Allow your kids to feel and express their disbelief, indignation, and sadness.
Second, lead by example and show your children how responsible adults support the pro-life movement visibly, vocally, and financially.
Third, never allow a pro-abortion message from pop-culture to go unchallenged. Silence can be misinterpreted as concurrence. Be unequivocal that abortion always takes an innocent life.
Fourth, when they’re mature, share the full horror of what abortion really is. If they’re ready, watch the videos from the Center for Medical Progress with them now.
Fifth, take them to a pro-life event, showing them that we’re not alone.  
Sixth, pray and study the science of life with them, showing them the link between valuing life and recognizing its existence.
These tips go for sons as well as daughters. Please strive to create an atmosphere of trust by promising that, should they ever face an unintended pregnancy, you’ll be there to support their choice to have your grandchild.
Discussing this issue is uncomfortable, but remember, there’s an aggressive pro-abortion community that’s ready and willing to fill the vacuum that your inaction may create.
Meanwhile, pray for strength and patience. There may be a majority supporting abortion today, but if we raise pro-life children, we can leave our nation one generation closer to ending abortion in America. 
(First published on AL.com)