What can we do about abortion? Support pro-life candidates and causes.

Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. Practice what you preach.
We’ve all heard these idioms before, pointing us to these parallel principles: You must “do” something to change something, and everyone hates a hypocrite. Both admonitions were joined nicely in an email I recently received from a reader who took issue with my pro-life views: “Who’s going to take care of those unwanted kids if abortion is outlawed? What have you ever done for unwed mothers? You’re not pro-life. You’re just pro-birth.”
While diluted by his irrational defense of abortion because of whatever quality of life awaits the unborn (a twisted yet popular justification for the practice), the man made a point that all pro-life advocates should heed: What have we done – materially speaking – to help end abortion?
In the weeks since the Center for Medical Progress began releasing hidden videos exposing the horrors of Planned Parenthood, I have offered several suggestions on how to proceed. Praying, for starters, then raising pro-life children to slowly but surely steer our society away from this horror. But among the other things we must do – and right now – is to financially support pro-life candidates and causes.
Have you contributed to a candidate who is unequivocally pro-life, and who pledges to support pro-life policies and laws when elected? 
Have you regularly donated to pro-life causes, like crisis pregnancy centers or adoption agencies that help unwed mothers and orphaned children?
If you answered “no” to those questions, then you’ve just run afoul of those timeless idioms. Praying and teaching is invaluable. Speaking and writing against abortion is necessary. Taking time to protest is incredibly important (parents in Huntsville recently learned that the city allowed an abortion clinic to open across the street from their children’s school, thanks to protestors).
All that helps, but as with any great conflict, we must also ensure that those who are in the thick of battle – our troops on the ground, so to speak – are supported and given the resources they need.
Pro-life candidates need money for advertisements to convince voters.
Crisis pregnancy centers and adoption agencies need money to pay their bills, hire staff, and fund their many invaluable services. Without donations, those services couldn’t be offered, and unborn lives wouldn’t be saved.
Planned Parenthood’s supporters understand this, and they’re pretty good at raising money – much better than our side, unfortunately.
A study of tax statements by Human Life International in 2006 found that single-issue pro-abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood raised approximately $9.2 billion, compared to only $552 million raised by pro-life causes like crisis pregnancy centers.
“Nine Planned Parenthood affiliates have a greater income than the leading pro-life fundraiser, the National Right to Life Committee,” wrote Brian Clowes, director of research at Human Life International. “And 35 have a greater income than the second-ranked pro-life moneymaker, Priests for Life.”
Newsmax recently reported that among Planned Parenthood’s major boosters are Coca-Cola, Groupon, the March of Dimes, United Way, Nike, Starbucks, AT&T, and Verizon. Some of our nation’s wealthiest families support Planned Parenthood, as well. The Media Research Center found that between 2010 and 2013, billionaire Warren Buffet gave Planned Parenthood more than $231 million, George Soros donated $18.4 million, and Bill Gates contributed $14.5 million.
Dozens of other wealthy families gave hundreds of millions more, adding to a treasure trove of contributions from businesses and individuals of all sizes and incomes.
Among those many contributors were … you. That’s right. In the wake of videos showing their employees sorting through mutilated body parts and slicing into the face of an unborn child to extract its intact brain (it’s worth more whole, you see), Planned Parenthood’s lobby in Congress fought unashamedly to keep millions of our tax dollars flowing into their vast bank accounts.
Pro-abortion activists weren’t phased by the challenge at all; they knew that without money from donors and taxpayers, their incomes would decrease, their influence would wane, and their clinics would shut-down.
The same goes for us.
So, what can we do to end abortion? Try asking yourself, “What am I doing to financially support pro-life candidates and causes?” If you don’t have an answer to that question, then it’s about time you found one.
(First posted on Al.com)